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UZ Insulation is lead certified by the Environmental Protection Agency.






Free Estimates - Home Analysis and Inspection

Our experienced estimators can bid by phone or blueprint, but prefer to make a site visit whenever possible to catch any troublesome areas. All estimators have been trained in the Home Energy Program with Xcel Energy. The Home Energy Program emphasizes the benefits of understanding a home or building as a complete system with all parts working together to provide maximum comfort for the homeowner. While we can not always guarantee the lowest bid on a project, our estimates allow for the cost of providing quality materials and skilled labor. UZ Insulation Services is fully insured.

Our certified weatherization specialists can also perform thermal imaging and/or blower door tests upon request.

Insulation Removal – No Dumpster Needed!

UZ Insulation Services specializes in removing insulation after storm, water or fire damage has occurred. Our Insulation Removal Service has an excellent reputation with restoration professionals, as well as home and business owners because we offer what the distressed property owner wants: to know that their damaged insulation will be taken care of before mold and mildew spread and cause further damage to their property.

We haul all insulation off-site. No dumpster is needed and that means less mess. We’ve even had electricians tell us they can charge less for a job because so much time is saved coming in to a clean work environment! So when remodeling, consider this option.

Insulation Installation

Our experienced insulators install insulation into new construction projects, remodeling projects, existing homes and restoration projects. Depending on preferences, budgets, and the particulars of a given situation, our workers will install fiberglass, cellulose or high-density spray foam. Each product has its benefits and drawbacks, but as an energy consultant will tell you, R-Values are R-Values in any given product. The R-Values per inch do vary, but an R-21 for example, using any given product, is still an R-21.

*      Ice Dams: Ice dams have been a major problem in recent winters. UZ Insulation can help reduce heat loss by adding insulation and sealing attic bypasses; but we cannot fully prevent ice dams. To reduce the likelihood of ice dams developing along your roof line, we highly recommend clearing snow off the roof using a safe method whenever possible, and installing heat tape or cables in gutters to keep ice from building up. For more information on ice dams, go to the resources and links page on our website: www.uzinsulation.com and click on Ice Dams.    

*      Exterior Sidewalls: We get many calls from homeowners who need insulation installed into existing walls. We encourage any customer who thinks about re-siding their home to FIRST install insulation if it is needed. It is much more difficult and costly to install the insulation after new siding has been put on.    

*      Moisture Problems: Got moisture? We’ll take a look and let you know where we think we can help. The most common problem areas include: bath fans, recessed lights, furnace flues, and bypasses. Our estimators regularly check all these areas.


These services are available for new construction and existing home projects to keep outside moisture from creeping in to the basement.

 Back Spraying

Back-spraying services are available for projects that require the elimination of bad odors such as the smell of smoke that lingers after fire damage or the smell left behind when outdoor animals have been hiding in the walls or attic area. Our sprayers use extra thick layers to insure customer satisfaction and no problems.

 Mold Resistant Coatings

Our trained professionals can apply a mold resistant coating to the areas of a home that have the highest potential for mold growth. These areas include the exterior walls, bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and basements.

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